PPSC Junior Clerk BS-11 Past Paper Page-6

51) It is ___ film i have ever seen.
(A) worse
(B) the worse
(C) the worst
(D) worst

52) We are not in a position to do ___ we promised to do.
(A) all things
(B) the whole
(C) all
(D) it all

53) If a number is as much greater than 36 as it is less than 86, find the number
(A) 61
(B) 58
(C) 71
(D) 47

54) If 36 men can do a piece of work in 25 hours, in how many hours will 15 do the same work?
(A) 50
(B) 60
(C) 70
(D) 75

55) How many pieces of 0.85 metres can be cut from a rod 42.5 metres ling?
(A) 30
(B) 40
(C) 50
(D) 60

56) If A can run 1 Km in 3 minutes and 10 seconds and B can cover the same distance in 3 minutes and 20 seconds, by what distance can A beat B?
(A) 40 metres
(B) 45 metres
(C) 50 metres
(D) 100 metres

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