FPSC Inspector BS-16 Past Paper

1) When the bus was at full speed, its brakes failed and an accident was ___
(A) inevitable
(B) infallible
(C) essential
(D) undeniable

2) To explain his designs to his visitor, the architect ___
(A) made
(B) sketched
(C) built
(D) constructed

3) Though bonsai, a well known art forum, originated in China, it was ___ by the Japanese.
(A) borrowed
(B) finished
(C) perfected
(D) cultivated

4) He is greatly admired for his ___ behavior.
(A) decorous
(B) decadent
(C) decorative
(D) decrepit

5) Hindus believe that ___ from the cycle of birth and rebirth can be attained only by good deeds.
(A) delivery
(B) bondage
(C) retirement
(D) deliverance

6) He is working under such conditions that it is ___ to maintain his self respect
(A) low
(B) inimical
(C) difficult
(D) humiliating

7) The sound of the running water in the stream had a pleasantly ___ effect on me.
(A) somnolent
(B) loud
(C) amusing
(D) sonorous

8) Shah Sahib had a cold and could not got to the party, so i bought her a cake to make up for her ___.
(A) depression
(B) disillusion
(C) disgust
(D) disappointment

9) Would you mind ___ to the principal how the trouble started?
(A) remarking
(B) telling
(C) talking
(D) explaining

10) The world is so constructed that if you wish to enjoy its pleasures, you must also ___ its pains.
(A) deny
(B) neglect
(C) ignore
(D) endure


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