FPSC Inspector BS-16 Past Paper Page-4

31) ___ pointer arises when you used the address of an object after its lifetime is over
(A) Null
(B) Smart
(C) Dangling
(D) Both and c

32) In human body, flat bones are found in
(A) neck
(B) skull
(C) legs
(D) chest

33) 'Tegel' is the International airport of
(A) Greece
(B) Turkey
(C) Germany

34) 'Contours' are lines connecting places having
(A) Equal temperature
(B) Equal pressure
(C) Equal height
(D) Equal rainfall

35) Kalahari Desert is located in
(A) Botswana
(B) Australia
(C) Pakistan
(D) Mozambique

36) The "Swaythling Cup" is related to the game of
(A) Badminton
(B) Tennis
(C) Volleyball
(D) Table Tennis

37) "Wheel" is a symbol of
(A) peace
(B) prosperity
(C) progress
(D) speed

38) Maple Leaf is the national emblem of?
(A) Germany
(B) North Korea
(C) Canada
(D) South Korea

39) Which sea is located in Central Asia?
(A) Red Sea
(B) North Sea
(C) Aral Sea
(D) South China Sea

40) Which of the following is a Baltic state?
(A) Estonia
(B) Serbia
(C) Romania
(D) Bulgaria

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