FPSC Inspector Customs and Intelligence Past Paper

FPSC Inspector Customs & Intelligence Officer 2015 Paper

1) Her face is quite similar ___ us:

2) I could not refrain ___ shedding tears:

3) There is never a valid reason or a good ___ for harassment:

4) Man is ___. He likes to know how things work.

5) Leadership is one of the world's oldest ___. The understanding of leadership has figured strongly in the ___ for knowledge:

6) Participatory management in which everyone ___, into a decision that a leader then makes is a mechanism for ___ employees:

7) If it ___ more humid in the desserts the lost temperature would be unbearable:

8) Prices for bikes can run ____ 40000.

9) Most executives do not object ___ them by their first names:

10) The ___ modes of transportation would be by train or car but we have decided to take a hot air balloon trip across England.


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