Assistant Director Intelligence Bureau Paper 2018 Page-4

31) Deficiency of Vitamin D causes?
(A) night blindness
(B) headache
(C) rickets
(D) none of these

32) Most densest substance on earth is?
(A) Osmium
(B) Iridium
(C) Platinum
(D) none of these

33) Density of ___ is 1g/cm3?
(A) Air
(B) Water
(C) Mercury
(D) none of these

34) On 30th November Pope Francis visited which country?
(A) Myanmar
(B) Italy
(C) Bangladesh
(D) none of these

35) How many people were killed in 30th November US drone strike?
(A) 5
(B) 6
(C) 7
(D) none of these

36) Allah says, ˇ°Wives of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are mothers of believersˇ± in Surah _________
(A) Aal-e-Imraan
(B) Yaaseen
(C) Ahzaab
(D) none of these

37) Synonym of Embezzle
(A) steal

38) Synonym of Discreet
(A) cautious

39) Synonym of Cajole
(A) persuade

40) Synonym of Brusque
(A) blunt


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