Assistant Director Intelligence Bureau Paper 2018 Page-2

11) Australia is discovered
(A) in 1770 by Captain Cook
(B) in 1750 by Captain Philips
(C) in 1870 by Captain Cook
(D) none of these

12) In the constitution of 1956 national language was
(A) Urdu
(B) Bengali
(C) English
(D) Urdu and Bengali

13) Muhammad Ali Bogra was?
(A) 3rd prime minister of Pakistan
(B) 4th prime minister of Pakistan
(C) 3rd president of Pakistan
(D) none of these

14) Which country is called Playground of Europe?
(A) Germany
(B) France
(C) Switzerland
(D) none of these

15) First Joint Chief of Staff committee
(A) General Ayub Khan
(B) General Muhammad Shareef
(C) General Yahya Khan
(D) none of these

16) World Diabetes Day is held on?
(A) 27th June
(B) 14 November
(C) 4 January
(D) none of these

17) Which mountain range separate Pakistan from China?
(A) Karakoram
(B) Hindu Kush
(C) Kirthar
(D) none of these

18) Nanga Parbat range is
(A) Himalayas
(B) Karakoram
(C) Sakesar
(D) none of these

19) CNG stands for
(A) Common Natural Gas
(B) Compressed Natural Gas
(C) Cold Natural Gas
(D) none of these

20) GPS is abbreviation of?
(A) Global Pointing System
(B) Global Positioning System
(C) Globe Pointing System
(D) none of these


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