PPSC Excise and Taxation Past Paper
32) How many players are in water polo
(a) 19
(b) 7
(c) 13
(d) 16
34) Which acid is used in Battery
(a) NACL
(b) HCL
(c) HNO3
(d) None of Above
36) Who is the founder of Kirshair Perja Party
(a) Moulvi Fazal Haq
(b) I.I Chaundrigar
(c) Nizam-ud-din
(d) None of Above
38) Al-Hilal was published by
(a) Ali Johar
(b) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
(c) Zafar Ali Khan
(d) None of Above
40) EU headquarters is in
(a) Brussels
(b) Vienna
(c) London
(d) None of Above


  1. D
  2. B
  3. B
  4. C
  5. C
  6. A
  7. A
  8. B
  9. D
  10. A

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