Islamiat MCQs Set-2

21) 'Miraj Shareef', event occurred on
(A) 18 Rajab
(B) 20 Ramadan
(C) 27 Rajab
(D) 20 Shawal

22) How many verses of Surah AI-Alaq were first revealed on the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
(A) 3
(B) 5
(C) 8
(D) 12

23) When did the Holy Prophet (PBUH) perform "Hajjat-ul-Wada"?
(A) 630 AD
(B) 632 AD
(C) 633 AD
(D) 636 AD

24) Which is the seventh month of Islamic year?
(A) Muharram
(B) Shawal
(C) Rajab
(D) Shabaan

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25) Name the first Jannati Shaheed who neither offered any prayer nor kept any fast
(A) Hazrat Saad bin Maaz (RA)
(B) Hazrat Swaid bin Samit (RA)
(C) Hazrat Aseeram Bani Abdul Ashal (RA)
(D) Hazrat Harram bin Malhan (RA)

26) Name the first person who received three blows of arrows during prayer but did not discontinue his prayer?
(A) Hazrat Harram bin Malhan (RA)
(B) Hazrat Abaad bin Bashar (RA)
(C) Hazrat Maaz bin Jabal (RA)
(D) Hazrat Saad bin Maaz (RA)

27) Who was the first Islamic Commando?
(A) Hazrat Talha bin Abdullah (RA)
(B) Hazrat Salma bin Alakoo (RA)
(C) Hazrat Harram bin Malhan (RA)
(D) Hazrat Saad bin Maaz (RA)

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28) Name the first Muslim personality who accepted the challenge to fight in the battle of Ohad?
(A) Hazrat Abu Dajjana (RA)
(B) Hazrat Umar (RA)
(C) Hazrat Ali (RA)
(D) Hazrat Hamza (RA)

29) Who was said to be the first one to recite the Quran openly in Makkah?
(A) Hazrat Umar (RA)
(B) Hazrat Zaid bin Sabit (RA)
(C) Hazrat Abdullah bin Masood (RA)
(D) Hazrat Usman (RA)

30) Name the first Sahabi who died?
(A) Hazrat Talha (RA)
(B) Hazrat Asad bin Zarra (RA)
(C) Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA)
(D) None of the above

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