History, Culture and Civilization MCQs Page-2

11)“Dulhan” is a famous poem of Baluchi language. The poet is:
(A) Jam Darag
(B) Ishaq Shamin
(C) Gul Khan Naseer
(D) Tofeeq Ahmad

12) “Jam Darag” is known to be the only romantic poet of
(A) Sindhi
(B) Baluchi
(C) Pushto
(D) None of the above

13) Who was the first Punjabi Poet?
(A) Bhul-e-Shah
(B) Hazrat Sultan Bahu
(C) Amir Khusro
(D) Baba Farid Ganj Shakr

14) “Rehman Baba” was a poet of:
(A) Sindhi Language
(B) Urdu Language
(C) Pushto Language
(D) Barohi Language

15) Who is called “the Shakespeare of Punjabi literature”?
(A) Bhul-e-Shah
(B) Sultan Bahu
(C) Waris Shah
(D) Ustaad Daman

16) “Shintoism” is the religious mythology of
(A) Japan
(B) China
(C) Greece
(D) Nepal

17) The only Hindu State in the world is:
(A) India
(B) Nepal
(C) Bhutan
(D) Sri Lanka

18) “Confucianism” is the religious mythology of:
(A) Japan
(B) China
(C) Greece
(D) Nepal

19) The only Pakistani Poet who got the “Lenin Prize” was
(A) Iftikhar Arif
(B) Faiz Ahmad Faiz
(C) Ahmad Faraz
(D) Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi

20) The famous Punjabi love story “Sassi Punnoo” is written by
(A) Hashim Shah
(B) Waris Shah
(C) Fazal Shah
(D) None of the above


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