Geography MCQs Page-9

81) The Eastern Mediterranean Island “Cyprus” is divided between
(A) Germany and Poland
(B) France and Greece
(C) Turkey and Greece
(D) Indonesia and Japan

82) Which boundary line does exist between Pakistan and Afghanistan?
(A) Machmohan line
(B) Maginot line
(C) Durand line
(D) Curzon line

83) The distance of a place South or North of Equator is called
(A) Altitude
(B) Longitude
(C) Latitude
(D) Multitude

84) Which part of the world is called “The Land of free people”?
(A) Switzerland
(B) Thailand
(C) West-Indies
(D) U.K

85) The world’s famous bridge “Golden gate” is located in
(A) New York
(B) Sydney
(C) Mexico city
(D) San Francisco

86) “Skhalin Islands” enriched with oil reserves are claimed by
(A) China and Russia
(B) US and Japan
(C) Russia and Japan
(D) USA and Russia

87) “Pristina is the Capital of
(A) Chechnya
(B) East Timor
(C) Bosnia
(D) Kossovo

88) ‘Oxus’ River is flowing between
(A) Iran and Iraq
(B) Afghanistan and Tajikistan
(C) Jordan and Israel
(D) Russia and Turkey

89) SAARC Human Resource Development Centre is located at
(A) New Delhi
(B) Colombo
(C) Islamabad
(D) Dhaka

90) The world’s largest active volcano “Mauna Loa” is located in
(A) Hawaii (USA)
(B) Central Andes (Chile)
(C) Mount Mayon (Philippines)
(D) Java (Indonesia)


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