Interview Questions & Answers
2) What are your strengths?
Ans) My strength is my regularity and punctuality towards my work. The ability to work in a team and willingness to work long hours. I always complete my work before time. 4) Why Should We Hire You?
Ans) Your answer should be like this "Sir you must be having a lot of options for this position to select but I don’t know about the rest. What I believe that I meet with the maximum requirement for this position. But I am able to do my job for its best requirement and a part from this my words cannot justify my actions until I don’t give the right opportunity to perform so I will be very privileged if you avail me this opportunity sir." 6) Why do you want to join our company?
Ans) It is among the most reputable and prestigious organizations in the country and its every ones goal to be part of such organization. Here i will have secured and Career oriented job. 8) Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Ans) Don't say other side of table this is not a good answer. You can say something like this "After 5 years from now, I see myself well equipped with knowledge, better skills, more mature than now and at a decent position in the managerial ladder of the organization, where I would be dealing with more challenges and working as an asset for the organization."

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